Rolex Datejust ref. 1601 18k Rose Gold Blue Brick Dial

Datejust 18k Rose Gold Blue 'Brick' Dial

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About this watch

Extremely rare and possibly unique 1972 Rolex Datejust reference 1601 in Rose Gold with blue 'brick' dial.

Brick dial 1601s and other Datejust are rarely seen and highly sought after. When examples do come up they are typically seen in yellow gold with the occasional example in steel or bimetal. This the only example known in Rose Gold and it is beautiful.

The texture on this beautiful blue brick dial, is absolutely stunning. In person it has a metallic finish that catches the light making each chiselled line of the 'brick' surface sparkle. It's a beautiful Ceylon blue reminiscent of the finest Sapphires. The warmth of the pink gold pairs perfectly with the blue tones of the dial. For a watch that it is nearly 50 years old, it still looks perfectly at home, highlighting the timeless nature of the design. This piece is in superb vintage condition. The case remains very sharp retaining it's original lines.

Mounted on a lovely black alligator grain strap with Rolex 18k Rose Gold folding clasp, lovely in it's own right. The leather strap and large folding rose gold clasp, provides the perfect balance to this watch, it makes it extremely versatile for a gold Rolex, suiting any type of occasion.

Functioning well mechanically and keeping excellent time.

This piece comes with our 12-month warranty and Valuation Certificate for the purpose of insurance.

About the 

18k gold iterations of the model actually play a key part in the history of the datejust. In fact the first Rolex Datejust reference, the 4467 was only available in 18k yellow gold when it was released in 1945 to celebrate the Rolex companies 40th anniversary, it was also introduced with the jubilee bracelet, a design now synonymous with the brand. 

Gold examples of the Datejust have also been sported in film by the likes of Michael Caine in Get Carter (although this is sometimes disputed as a Day-Date) and most famously in American Psycho worn by Christian Bale with a steel datejust worn by Paul Newman in the colour of money.

The Fine Print

Brand: Rolex

Model: Datejust

Reference: 1601

Year: 1972

Movement: Automatic

Diameter: 36mm excluding crown

Lug Width: 20mm interior width


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