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About Us

OBW is a family-run boutique of those fascinated by the world's most beautiful timepieces. 

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Based out of London, United Kingdom, OBW Collection supports collectors around the World.

Driven by the unique stories behind each rare watch, and our passion for craftsmanship, history and design, OBW collection is a platform for those collectors who seek the very finest in vintage and rare mechanical watches.

Our specialists scour the globe in search of the rare, the unique and the beautiful, so that we can showcase to you our chosen favourites; the finest, rarest and most beautiful examples of vintage and haute horology available now.

We keep a regularly changing, concise collection of truly exciting and rare pieces. We want each visit to us to be just as exciting as your last, as such we don’t believe in keeping a huge stock of stagnant watches that sit for years, instead we bring to market the pieces that you as collectors want to see and own now.

  As soon as one piece leaves the collection, another new and exciting piece is introduced into the collection, and with each new introduction, we’ll keep you up to date with all of the interesting stories and history behind each great piece, along with glorious photos, videos and in depth articles to share our passion for rare and vintage timepieces with you, the passionate collectors at home.

The contemporary collector is one that is both extraordinarily busy and well informed. Where these two intersect, the need for convenience and quick access to a reliable and knowledgeable source of timepieces that genuinely matter is readily apparent.

OBW Collection fulfils this by providing the same relationship, quality of care and service that you have come to expect from the world's best traditional boutiques; only now accessible from wherever you are.

OBW Collection is a family business built upon a love for what we do, and we embrace the chance to share that passion with you; our clients and friends.

"The subtle nuances between pieces make vintage watches perpetually exciting. Each one is different, unique. They all have a different story to tell, they've aged according to their history, geography and conditions to create individual personalities; culminating in something truly unique and exciting"
Conor O'Reilly

Our Golden Service


Commitment to be sustainable

We use a lot of packaging to ensure your items arrive safely and to provide anonymity as to the contents of the parcel within the standardised outer packaging but we also care about the sustainability and environmental impact of our packaging. We have therefore taken great care with sourcing our packaging, and as such almost every component of our packaging is either made from recycled materials and are recyclable or is completely biodegradable.

The special film used to hold your watch nicely in place in the case is biodegradable and the bubble wrap and 'foam' pieces we use to protect your package are also biodegradable, and all can be placed into your vegetable recycling bin should you have one. the protectors placed on the crystal of your watch and case back can be recycled, as can the film to protect your buckle. The Parcel tape we use is made of recycled materials and features a natural glue and is completely recycleable. All other cardboard and paper can be recycled also. The only piece which is not recyclable at the moment is the plastic sleeve which holds your address details, this is supplied directly to us by the courier and must be used to standardise packaging, this should be placed in general waste.


Excellence, guaranteed

Every watch we sell is rigorously inspected by our in house experts to ensure authenticity, quality and mechanical proficiency.

We understand the importance of security and peace of mind, which is why every watch we sell comes with a 12-month warranty.


Every piece thoroughly inspected

OBW is a family-run boutique of those fascinated by the world's most beautiful timepieces. 

Driven by the unique story behind each rare piece and our passion for timekeeping craftsmanship, our experts search intently for the globe's most elegant and precious examples of horological art.

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