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Our website displays only a small selection of the watches that we deal with, much of our time is spent sourcing and showcasing top vintage pieces within our private network of collectors; and with a focus on rare and unique examples, often these watches are kept private.

We love working with collectors who share the same passions for vintage watches and enjoy sharing with them detailed analysis, insights, condition reports and advice. Our primary focus is in vintage Patek Philippe and some vintage Rolex, whereby our directors have a deep passion and breadth of knowledge in the field of study.

If you're searching for that certain piece for your collection, enquire below and we will be glad to work with you to source your ideal example from within our private network, the collections we help to curate or from one of our international connections in the field.

We invite you to please leave your details using the button below.

If you have any specific references or criteria such as dial types, condition requirements etc, please feel free to include this, no matter how detailed and we will be glad to help. Alternatively, if you are looking to expand your collection and would appreciate calculated recommendations, we are happy to offer detailed advice and analysis over various consultations and work with you to find the perfect piece for your collection.

Once we have received your request, we will reach out you shortly to consult with you further.

We look forward to working with you.

Recently Sourced


A unique 1930s Patek Philippe early wristwatch for Guillermin, Paris.

A highly historically important and unique early Patek Philippe wristwatch, produced in the 1930s, a collaboration with Guillermin & Mollet, Paris.


A pristine condition Patek Philippe ref.570

One of the quintessential and most important time only references of the 20th century, the 570 is a truly icon. Whilst examples are perhaps freely seen, truly top condition, unpolished, razor sharp examples with perfectly preserved dials with original pearling, engraved enamel inscriptions, lacquer and finishes are most rare to find.

We can help to source, analyse and advise the perfect piece to match your exacting criteria.


A unique late 1930s Patek Philippe Calatrava.

A beautiful, unique yellow gold Calatrava made upon the request of the original client with an oversized case made specifically for this piece, with wonderful angular lugs and stepped bezel and case edge.

Complete with a beautiful two tone Stern Frères dial.