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About this watch

Purchased by a couple from the US to celebrate their anniversary in 1979, this lovely Rolex Datejust Tiffany co-signed dial is the gift that just keeps on giving.

This lovely 16013 features a nice sharp case with its original lines remaining well preserved. The fluted gold bezel has oxidised in a very attractive fashion creating wonderful petrol like hues of purple, pink and blue to small areas. at 36mm the case has good proportions and sits well on the modern wrist. The caseback has a small engraving to the centre reading, “AJK love BAK 1954-1979”. Naturally the new owner could have this removed if they wish but  for me it communicates the history of the piece. Bought to celebrate their 25th anniversary, this couple purchased this wonderful watch at Tiffany & Co in New York and what a wonderful gift it was and could be again now.

The nice original silver dial features gold baton hour markers and of course the gold coronet at 12. The baton markers and hands contrast the dial nicely and allow for great legibility when checking the time. Adorning the dial is the lovely original co-signature for Tiffany & Co where the watch was first purchased. The ampersand has partially worn demonstrating the age and history of the piece and upon close inspection one can see the shadow remnants of where it was. The original date wheel features the rare and attractive open 6 and 9 and functions perfectly. The bracelet features bimetal, stainless steel and 14k gold etx2 links which remain in nice condition with minimal stretch. The original Rolex USA clasp remains in good condition, securing the bracelet solidly in place.

The beating heart of this piece, the caliber 3035 movement is in good working condition, keeping very good time and functioning well, and has been adjusted to be non-hacking. The quickset feature allows for quick changing of the date and functions well. The movement has a strong power reserve.

This charming piece is both rare and interesting and would make an excellent daily wearer for someone. The bimtel construction is iconically Rolex and has great presence without being over the top. The strong timekeeping and good power reserve makes it an excellent watch to wear and rely on. On the metal bracelet it’s great paired with a linen shirt and trousers. Whilst it’s size and stature means that paired with a dark leather band, this piece can be worn very nicely with a suit for work with a shirt and jacket. The Tiffany & Co signature provides that element of intrigue and rarity that distinguishes this piece from other datejusts. It’s a lovely, wearable piece that would suit any wrist.  

About the 

Whilst 18k Datejusts such as this one are considered rare and most typically examples of the model are seen in Stainless Steel, 18k gold iterations of the model actually play a key part in the history of the datejust. In fact the first Rolex Datejust reference, the 4467 was only available in 18k yellow gold when it was released in 1945 to celebrate the Rolex companies 40th anniversary, it was also introduced with the jubilee bracelet, a design now synonymous with the brand. 

Gold examples of the Datejust have also been sported in film by the likes of Michael Caine in Get Carter (although this is sometimes disputed as a Day-Date) and most famously in American Psycho worn by Christian Bale with a steel datejust worn by Paul Newman in the colour of money.

The Fine Print

: Rolex
Model: Datejust Tiffany & Co co-signed
Reference: 16013
Year: 1979
Movement: Automatic

Diameter: 36mm
Lug Width: 19mm

Box/Papers: Watch only

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