Rolex Submariner 6536/6538 red depth dual reference

Submariner red depth, dual reference

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About this watch

Please enquire for full details and any questions, a member of our team will be glad to take you through every detail of the piece and answer any questions you might have, including photos and insights of previous sales data of other examples of the reference.

One of less than a dozen to ever appear to the market, this extremely rare Rolex dual reference 6536/6538 red depth Submariner is both truly rare and historically important.

This fantastic original example has had just one owner since first purchase 1955, and is preserved in fantastic original conditions.


-Correct 89k 5-digit case number

-Correct 570k movement number
-Superb original gilt dial, red 100/330 depth rating, lovely condition original radium lume with lighter 6 and original hands (geiger reading video etc available, please enquire)
-Nice bright, prominent red depth
-Caseback signed 6538 then struck-through by Rolex and engraved 6536 (a picture of the inside of the caseback prior to service is included in the gallery)
-Unpolished sharp case with excellent thick bevels and fantastic original finish
-Extremely rare, original no hash bezel that has no cracks etc and is functioning perfectly
-One owner piece
-Just serviced by the most highly accredited vintage Rolex certified service centre, comes with 12-months warranty

One of the rarest Submariners in vintage Rolex, this fantastic, original piece represents a fantastic opportunity to own an important piece of Rolex history. This fantastic original example has had just one owner since first purchase 1955, and is preserved in fantastic original conditions. The owner bought the piece new in 1955 in the USA, he wore the piece for several years before purchasing a newer Submariner in the 1960s. At which point this piece was placed into a drawer, where it remained until we got it from the family earlier this year. The piece has since received the highest standard mechanical service from the most highly accredited vintage Rolex certified service centre in the UK and comes with 12-months warranty when you purchase the piece.

The piece is in excellent original condition. The case is unpolished with thick well preserved, sharp bevels and original finishes retained throughout. The original gilt dial is beautiful, the red depth is very prominent and bright, all of the gilt work is superb. The original lume to the dial and hands is all of excellent colour and tone, demonstrating a great geiger response. The original no hash bezel has a fantastic patina, garnered by the watch being used as the watch was intended, as a tool watch for diving, it has no cracks at all, functions perfectly and is extremely rare in its own right. Examples of Submariners of this era in such good original condition are extremely rare, and that is before considering this example is a reference of less than a dozen examples ever known.

The dual reference 6536/6538 Submariner from 1955 comes from a very rare and limited run when Rolex was testing the depth rating on these pieces, indicated by the use of the now celebrated red depth. The prominent red depth marking 100/330 features no units of measure. This one original owner example is one of less than a dozen pieces known to the market ever, each characterised by their dual reference engraved case with 6538 engraved then struck through by Rolex and 6536 engraved below, 89k 5-digit early very limited case range, 570k movement range, original red depth gilt dial etc.

About the 
The Fine Print

Brand: Rolex
Model: Submariner
Reference: 6536/6538
Year: 1955
Movement: Automatic

Diameter: 38mm
Lug Width: 20mm

Box/Papers: Watch, photo of original owner, letter from us detailing his original ownership

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