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As in everything we do, we want to provide the very highest standards in the service we offer. We therefore use a lot of specialist packaging to ensure your items arrive safely, and also provide anonymity as to the contents of the parcel, by utilising standardised outer packaging.

But we also seriously care about the sustainability and environmental impact of our packaging. We have therefore taken great time and care in sourcing our packaging, and are proud to say that almost every component of our packaging is either recyclable, made from recycled materials and is recyclable or is completely biodegradable.

The special film used to hold your watch nicely in place in the case for example is 100% biodegradable.

The bubble wrap and 'foam' pieces we use to protect your package, are also biodegradable, and all can be placed into your vegetable recycling bin should you have one or composter. The protectors placed on the crystal of your watch and case back can be recycled, as can the film to protect your buckle. The Parcel tape we use is made of recycled materials, features a natural adhesive and is completely recyclable. All other cardboard and paper can be recycled also.

When you order your watch from us, we will send you an email detailing the specific packaging used to securely package your watch and detail how it can be recycled.

We've developed a system of packaging and delivery that is both secure and sustainable.